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Tower Commander

Tower Commander
We have developed new technology for the Tower Garden® that helps a grower monitor their tower and connect with a community.

Clean Water

StayFresh WaterPure will safely work to manage algae and bacteria growth in Tower Garden®. Learn more…

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In 2017 my wife and I took the leap from the corporate world, built a greenhouse, bought a seedling business, added some commercial Tower Gardens, and became farmers! We didn’t know exactly what we were getting into, but we knew we needed something more fulfilling and engaging in our work life. Little did we know the blessings that farming would bring us.

Having come from a technology background, one of the first things we wanted was to be able to control the farm from a phone. We wanted to set the temperature, control the fans and shutters, track tasks, and generally collect growing data. We setup a very robust solution using low cost technology that has functioned with amazing precision and outstanding uptime. At the same time, we were packing and shipping seedlings to home Tower Gardeners and growing a strong community. We realized that home gardeners did not have the same ability to track and monitor their growing as we were able to do in the greenhouse.

Right about that point, we were able to bring a team together and developed an idea for a device that a home gardener could use to monitor their Tower Garden. Tower Commander was born.

We spent two years developing the prototype. We designed and 3D printed a device that easily integrated into the Tower Garden.  Then we stuffed it full of sensors, connected it to the cloud, and developed an app to show the growing conditions. We are now launching our Indiegogo campaign to fund the development and release of the production device.

As we grow, we are adding more products that enhance the home and commercial Tower Garden experience.

We are innovators, entrepreneurs, and gardeners who are committed to bringing quality, affordable, easy to use solutions to make your growing experience even more enjoyable.

Happy gardening! Clint and Team
Clint Crowe